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Help Information:

Bundle LÖVE is a program to help package LÖVE programs into a self-contained Windows executable. The LÖVE program can be in the form of a .love file or an already created .exe (without LÖVE runtimes) file. The stand-alone executable that is created contains your code and the LÖVE runtime files.

Bundle LÖVE first attempts to find your installed LÖVE runtime files. Next step is to Select Program Folder, this is where your code is. Next choose your program within the folder (.love or .exe file) with Select Auto-run. Optionally you can create a program icon with Select Program Icon.

The created file path is shown in Destination File text box. Use the Create Exe button to create the Windows executable.

In the background, Bundle LÖVE collects the files it needs and uses these embedded executables, 7z.exe 7zsd.sfx and rcedit.exe to create the executable.

When your newly created executable is run, it launches your LÖVE program and LÖVE runtime files from the %Temp% folder. After the executable exits these %Temp% files are deleted.

Double clicking on the status bar will show the activity log.

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